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The Last Place on Earth by Carol Snow


Interests/Topics: survival, adventure, mystery, friendship, paranoia

Curriculum Connections: English

Gender: F/M

Age: 14+

Blurb: I’m not ashamed to admit it: I’d be a terrible contestant on the television show Survivor. I wouldn’t call myself pampered, but I like a soft bed and a working toilet. And I hate being cold and hungry, which, I suspect, is how most people on Survivor feel the majority of the time. There’s a reason I don’t go camping very often.

Daisy Cruz, in The Last Place on Earth, is worried sick when her best friend Henry Hawking goes missing. He’s not at school, or at home, and his house looks deserted. After days of no contact, Daisy takes matters into her own hands and breaks into his house to look for clues. In Henry’s room she finds a note that nearly stops her heart: SAVE ME, Henry wrote.

Determined to find him, Daisy follows the directions left in a cryptic text message and ends up deep in the California mountains. Before she can locate him, however, Daisy is locked in a top-secret, underground bunker with no exit.

What has Daisy stumbled upon? And why is everyone convinced that it’s The End Of The World As We Know It?

Flavour: “Hands shaking, I picked up the bundle, reached inside, and pulled out the Orange County Register. I checked the date: today. That’s when I knew: Henry was gone.” (6)

“Nothing made sense. Nothing. Why would Henry’s family run away like that? Who were they hiding from, and what was the Shooting Star Society? Were they in the federal witness protection program or something? I thought stuff like this only happened in the movies.” (67)

“I scrambled up the rope ladder and hauled myself out onto the ground and into the hot dry sunshine. As I pushed myself to my feet, I tried to remember where the road was so I could run toward it. Something moved in the corner of my vision. I spun around and found myself facing a pack of children armed with slingshots and arrows. Clearly, that was the moment to say, Don’t shoot! But the whole situation was so bizarre, I had no words.” (102)


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