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Some Kind of Normal by Juliana Stone


Topics of Interest: romance, family, identity, music, sexuality, religion

Curriculum Connections: English, Health and Physical Education

Gender: F/M

Age: 14+

Blurb: My best childhood friend was a “PK.” If you are a PK, you’ll already know that the initials stand for “Pastor’s Kid.” Adolescence is tough, but adolescence as a PK is a whole different level of difficult. People expect a pastor’s family to be perfect: no jealousy, no fighting, no mistakes. It’s an impossible standard, especially for teens struggling with impulse control.

Everly Jenkins is exhausted from living a lie. Everyone thinks her family is perfect—her father is the local pastor, after all. But Everly knows differently. In fact, she’s known for more than 350 days that her family is far from ideal. Each day provides another opportunity for her father to confess his biggest secret, but each day passes like the one before—as fake as ever.

Trevor Lewis would give anything to have his old life back. He had been so perfect: star football player, awesome musician, hot girlfriend. But one drunken night had changed all that. Now Trevor has a traumatic brain injury and may not even pass high school. So much for his awesome career as the Next Big Hit. And now he’s stuck with Everly Jenkins tutoring him for his final exam.

Tossed together, Everly and Trevor—two teens mourning their infallible past—have to adjust their plans for the future.

Trevor loved being perfect; Everly hates it. Can they learn to be just normal?

Flavour: “This was his chance to explain. His chance to be honest. His chance to tell me that everything was going to be fine and that he still loved all of us. His chance to maybe admit he was human after all and not this perfect, upstanding pastor who was nothing more than a big fat lie…. I wondered if he could read my thoughts. I wondered if he knew that ever since that morning, I’d thought the same thing over and over again. You’re lying. You’re a liar. You’re a lying piece of crap.” (Everly)

“A year ago I’d felt extraordinary, on the verge of something big. Nothing could touch me…. Now I was less than ordinary, and for the first time since I’d come out of the coma, it hit me. Really hit me. Less than ordinary. Three words that carried some heavy weight…. I might be stuck with less than ordinary for the rest of my life, and less than ordinary was now some kind of normal for me. At seventeen. How the hell do you deal with that?” (Trevor)

“So maybe we could hide together, or maybe we could fix each other. Personally I was pretty damn sure that my situation wasn’t fixable. In fact, with a seizure, it had gotten worse. Everly’s situation was different, and as I held her and listened to her crying quietly in my arms, I thought that maybe I was the guy. You know, the one who could fix her. Or at the very least, I thought that maybe I was the guy she’d let try.” (Trevor)

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