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Gender and Age of Readers

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I don’t place a lot of emphasis on the gender of readers when I recommend books…it just seems so stereotypical. Most males and females I know have a wide variety of interests and don’t necessarily discount topics based on masculine or feminine themes. For the purposes of this blog, I have identified the potential audience for each book as F/M or M/F.   Essentially, if I list “F” first, it means that the book is likely a bit more interesting to females, and vice versa.

You’re better off to select books based on topics of interest (listed as “Key Words” or in “Categories” on the side bar). I’ve identified the most significant topics in each book to help you in your selection process.

Due to the subject matter and level of writing, most books on this blog are for teens 14 years of age or older. Occasionally I will include books for tweens ages 12 and up.

P.S. I loved each of these books and I’m not a teen. Consider all age identifiers to be teen to 99!

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