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Lily and Taylor by Elise Moser

Love isn’t supposed to hurt.

Interests/Topics: friendship, death, family relationships, domestic violence, survival

Curriculum Connections: English, Health and Physical Education

Gender: F/M

Age: 16+

Blurb: I nearly froze to death over Christmas. Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but thanks to the Toronto Ice Storm of 2013, it could have happened. I hate being cold. I actually hate extreme temperatures in either direction of the thermometer (and to be honest my ideal temperature only fluctuates by about four degrees), but being too cold is the worst. It takes me hours to get rid of a chill, and with our power knocked out for nearly four days, getting warm was but a fantasy while I shivered under a pile of blankets. Thankfully, my animals stepped in as toe warmers and my daughter was up for cuddling. That, and our gas fireplace was in no way controlled by our lack of electricity, so I managed to survive until I escaped to Nana’s.

In Elise Moser’s novel Lily and Taylor, there is no escape for Taylor. She’s cold, she’s frightened, and darn it all, she may miss Christmas with her nephew thanks to her bully of a boyfriend. She thought that putting distance between them would cause Devon to forget about her, but in his mind the distance made her harder to control. His solution? To kidnap Taylor and her friend Lily and hold them hostage in an abandoned cabin in the woods.

Taylor is no stranger to domestic violence: her sister was killed by an abusive spouse. As long as Taylor stays calm and gives in to Devon’s wishes, she may convince him to take her home in time for Christmas. But unless outspoken Lily starts playing by Devon’s rules, Taylor may not make it home at all.

An abandoned cabin, a snowstorm, and simmering rage. Love isn’t supposed to hurt.

Flavour: “She pulled her phone out of her coat pocket and saw that there was no reception. She wished she’d called someone from the restaurant. But what would she have said? We’re being held prisoner by some friends of ours, whose car we got into in front of Taylor’s own house? They let us go to the can by ourselves and we can make a phone call, but we’re still prisoners?” (85)

“Devon was such an ***hole! The way he spoke to her was just the way his father spoke to him. She felt sorry for him being treated that way, but that was no excuse to do it to other people.” (91)

“Why was it so hard to remember how brutal he was when he was being nice to her? And why was it so hard to remember how it felt when he was nice when he was being mean?” (99)

“Lily felt like an ***hole for slamming the pot down in front of Taylor. But Taylor made her so impatient. It was like she was willing to totally give up all her strength. And Devon sucked up Taylor’s power like she was his battery, and he recharged by draining her away.” (136)

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