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This One Summer (A Graphic Novel) by Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki

Nothing beats summer vacation.

Interests/Topics: graphic novels, coming of age, puberty, cottaging, horror movies, friendship, family relations, teenage angst

Curriculum Connections: English, Visual Art, Health and Physical Education (Puberty and Sexuality)

Gender: F/M

Age: 12+

Blurb: Ah, summer. There really is no better time of year. Long days; endless twilight. No school and no responsibility. Summer is for lounging around and talking with friends; it’s for cottaging and going to camp. It’s for first crushes and fleeting romances; vacations and family reunions. Summer is for swimming and boating and napping and campfires and marshmallows. It’s for side-splitting laughter and soda through the nose, chips and hotdogs and ice-cream cones. Summer owns our best memories.

For Rose, summer is Awago Beach. She can’t wait to get there and see her friend Windy. This summer promises to be different than all their others. For one, they aren’t little kids anymore. Who wants to dig holes in the sand when eavesdropping on the village teens provides so much drama? Two, Rose’s mom just doesn’t want to have fun anymore. Her parents’ sudden silence is nearly deafening and Rose needs the escape of beachlife. Three, the local market rents horror movies. They can’t be too scary, right? And four (and perhaps most importantly), this just may be the summer when Rose’s boobs start to grow.

One thing’s for sure, this one summer will never be forgotten.

Flavour: (This One Summer is a graphic novel. The text works with images to tell the whole story.)

Windy: “Soooooo, do you have a boyfriend? Do you like anybody? Like, seriously like anybody?”

Rose: “No! I mean, no. Not right now.”

Windy: “Whoo! Hey. Remember last summer we built a fort?”

Rose: “Yeah.”

Windy: “We should build one this year.”

Rose: “Yeah. Maybe.”

Windy: “Just kidding.” (22-23)


Windy: “This girl in my dance class is ten and she’s like a D cup. Maybe a G. Like bashing in the face when she runs.”

Rose: “My mom’s a B. I’ll probably be a B too.”

Windy: “Do all your friends have boobs?”

Rose: “My friend Kelly, hers are pretty big. I think her mom has big ones too.”

Windy: “That’s the problem with being adopted. I have no idea how big my boobs are going to be.”

Rose: “Breasts.”

Windy: “Ha ha! Brrrreasts! Brrrreasts! Titsss!”

Rose: “Bazooms!”

Windy: “Whoooo, look at my sexy ta-tas!” (dancing in her bathing suit)

Lady on beach: “Ahem. This is a public beach, girls.”

Windy and Rose: “Sorry!” (35-36)


Windy: “Oh my god, so, yesterday? My grandma wanted to watch this movie with, like, this guy Michael Douglas, who’s her favourite actor? He’s gross. Anyway. And all I could think about was, like, slasher movie stuff and, like, someone coming and chopping his head off and blood and guts. It was like, Bleeaaah! Gush! Spurt! Bleeeaah!! Head flying! Bleah! Blaaaaa! Gurrgle.”

Rose: “You’re going to be like permanently damaged after this summer.”

Windy: “PEEERRmanently damaged.”

Rose: “Holy cow, you’re hyper.”

Windy: “I’ve had too much sugar.”

Rose: “You don’t say.” (170-171)

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