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Were Were Liars by E. Lockhart

They’re called Liars for a reason.

Interests/Topics: family relations, money, friendship, cottaging, secrets, mystery, romance, tragedy

Curriculum Connections: English

Gender: F/M

Age: 14+

Blurb: If you had more money than you could ever spend, what would you buy? Come on, we’ve all thought about it, right? A mansion? A villa? Two mansions? Two villas? A fancy car? A private airplane? A sports team? Tiffany’s?

I think that I’d buy a private island, if there are any left to purchase. Imagine it: You’d be in charge of who got to be there, what food was available, which watercraft to have. There would always be a vacant beach chair and a cold drink and maid service. No one would bother you and you’d have all the freedom in the world. Bliss.

Such is life for the wealthy and distinguished Sinclair family in We Were Liars. They spend each summer on their private island off the coast of Massachusetts. The cousins have grown up together there and have an unbreakable bond.

Until something terrible happens.

No one will speak about it, and when they do, they lie.

Flavour: “Me, Johnny, Mirren, and Gat. Gat, Mirren, Johnny, and me. The family calls us four the Liars, and probably we deserve it. We are all nearly the same age, and we all have birthdays in the fall. Most years on the island, we’ve been trouble.” (7)

“Dad plans to take me to Australia and New Zealand for the whole of summer seventeen. I don’t want to go. I want to return to Beechwood. I want to see Mirren and lie in the sun, planning our futures. I want to argue with Johnny and go snorkeling and make ice cream. I want to build bonfires on the shore of the tiny beach. I want to pile in the hammock on the Clairmont porch and be the Liars again, if it’s possible.” (51)

“Look at the aunties now, summer seventeen. Here in the Japanese garden of the new Clairmont, Mummy has her arm around Bess, who reaches out to slice Carrie a piece of raspberry tart. It’s a beautiful night, and we are indeed a beautiful family. I do not know what changed.” (99)

“Gat and I talked to Mirren and Johnny.

Convinced them to take action.

We told each other

over and over: do what you are afraid to do.

We told each other.

Over and over, we said it.

We told each other

we were right.” (181)

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